Writing Prompt: Never

June 5:
Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.

Memories blurred; words slurred. This time, even all that alcohol was doing little to help.

She remained quiet, eyes fixed, but without focus, on the distant landscape. It was almost like her mind had wandered into a different space and time – somewhere detached from the miseries and sadness that enveloped her life.

Tears glistened in her eyes, occasionally rolling down her cheeks in defiance of the suppression. Her nose would sniffle, unconscious of the deafening silence. A strange calmness on her face masked the emotions that threatened to surge any moment.

Then, like a sacred ritual coming to completion, she released her clenched fists, gently touched the grails of the windows, and nodded, as if having found answers. She pulled the plug on her calming ‘antidote’; her composure resumed.

But what could cure her – what was like a film of olive oil to break the tensions of the ocean – even if only for awhile, she would never speak or write about.

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