Writing Prompt: No, thank you

June 22:
If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

“I hereby pronounce the total ban of the word – GOOD.” the Chairperson of the Ministry of Words and President of the Wordsmiths Association jointly announced.

“For, what did you mean when you’d said he was a good man? Was he a man who brought the bread home, yet never spoke to his lady? Was he a man who gave his last pennies to the old man begging on the roadside? Was he a man who risked his life to save even those he did not know?” They questioned.

“And what did you mean, when you’d said that the situation was good? Was it one which promised a bright future? Or merely where risks were contained? What did he mean to say that the car was good – its performance, appearance, or brand and social status? What did she mean when she’d said the scones was good – was it in its taste, price, or simply because she had a liking for the memories it brought back to her?” They added.

“Tell me, what you truly felt when you told someone that ‘All is good’? Were you referring to your spiraling career? Or your miserable family life? Maybe hiding the lack of social and personal achievements? Wasn’t ‘all’s good’ such an easy answer to skip all that explanation of your difficulties?” They interrogated.

“I’m sure we’ve made ourselves clear, you General Users of Words. You shall, as of today, be attuned to the detailed expression of feelings and thoughts in your conversations. You shall, as of today, be adept with the choice of vocabulary that could replace that pathetic, deceitful, and overused word. If you have fully understood the passing of the bill, you shall now be dismissed.” They concluded.

And without further ado, the crowd chimed in unison before scattering: “Good!”

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