why is it all a downhill?

Everything seemed to be going downhill; there wasn’t anything to break the fall.

Life hasn’t been kind, but nobody said it would be.

The Optimists would speak of ‘looking on the bright side’, without sharing (i) where the bright side was, and (ii) what was on the bright side, or (iii) how looking would solve problems.

The Devout would tell me to ‘pray and seek peace’ – but again, problems persist. And no, I have little faith in anything these days.

The Depressed would advocate ‘the end of the world’, but hey, we’re still here after that many years. What made you think it’ll just HAPPEN in your lifetime? As much as I wished the same, I am a Rational.

I no longer travel; I no longer smile.
I think before I act.
But lately, even thinking can’t derive solutions… and acting can’t change the outcome.

How does one stop the tumble downhill?

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