Third year on WordPress

The notification says “Happy Anniversary with!” and I realised it’s been three years.

It got me thinking about why I’d started writing on WordPress.
I’d needed an outlet to write, to think, and to reminiscence; I’d wished to learn about the blogosphere and the good folks that expressed themselves most eloquently in words and most creatively in pictures; I’d strived to learn about the functionalities of a content management system to effective like WordPress; more importantly, I needed a change in life.

Three years have gone by – I’ve learnt a little about the blogging environment, though I have not been most active. I had a chance to browse through some of the most amazing writers online – these hidden talents that so many have missed out while they were spending 60% of their hours purely on updating their statuses instead of discovering the wonderful world here.

But the one thing hasn’t changed – life hasn’t gotten any better since I’d started out. It has gotten worse, despite trying all things possible to make improvements. But that apart, I appreciate the convenience that WordPress has offered to us, and I am grateful for all the things I’ve encountered online. Thank you guys, for being such an inspiration, and for coming by despite the infrequent updates here. Here’s hoping that some day not too soon from now, things will change for the better…



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