Story: Imagining Imaginations

You have no idea what Imaginations can do to you.
They clamour into your bed at night, hide beneath your sheets, and wrap themselves around your head, taking you on a journey far beyond what the mind can ever comprehend.

They sit across the table in the morning, fusing into the scent of your coffee as you inhale, bringing you on a adventure far more exciting than your day job can ever offer.

They seep insidiously into your life and leave you wondering – was that real or not?

How does it really matter, it would ask you when you wrangled the Imaginations and interrogated it.
If you liked what you saw, heard or experienced – why did it matter whether it was real or not?
Why did you have to insist on holding it down; apprehending it; encaging it? Why can you not accept it for who it is?

Imaginations – it had the power to persuade, convince and mesmerise.
Imaginations – it would whisper into your ears and embed itself into your mind.

But never, ever, try to capture it. Let Imaginations run wild.

What are you imagining today?

(PS: They are also very committed to their friends and would often visit. See, Imaginations came by not too long ago here

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