It had to happen…

It was bound to happen.
I’d known there was no escape.
At some point it would all come to an end.
Such was life.

It had to happen, but I had hoped it hadn’t been so soon.
Yet time and time again, the fragility of life rears its ugly head.
It was only three weeks ago that the mind started to rake up people who lived in its memories.
It is three weeks later that we shall speak of them in past tense – now and ever after.

The unexpected turns, the unpredictable occurrences.
They repeat themselves, over and over.
Each time it hits, it takes away one more that you cared for.
You fear, as the time draws near, so slowly it comes, yet so quickly it claims away those you prayed would never leave.

Why is it easy to go to the extremes of obsessions and disregard?
Do we learn to cherish?
Do we learn to care?
And do we care enough to learn?

It had to happen. I had hoped it wouldn’t be so soon.
Losses in life, of life… they always come too soon.
I don’t want to it take those I care for away.
I could say I fear what will happen; but have I done enough to accept without regret?

Have you?



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