Story: Find a Distraction!

“You’ve got an obsession – find a distraction to curb this.”

So I went in search of a diversion,
Not knowing it was another enchanting delusion.
Within the book I found a new world.
I was trapped in its holds as the story unfurled.

“You’ve got an obsession – find a distraction to curb this.”

I hovered back at where I’d left my opened screen,
And stood to devour every sight and scene.
With a tingling feeling of unknown worry,
Every sight I caught sent my heart in a flurry.

“You’ve got an obsession – find a distraction to curb this.”

Flustered, I escaped once more to the biography,
Determined to make a new discovery.
I knew what was wrong but not what was right,
But still, I read away the hours into the night.

“You’ve got an obsession – find a distraction to curb this.”

Page by page I flipped so indulgently,
Savouring the lines all too willfully.
The music played on as my attention drifted,
From book to screen, then book; my eyes shifted.

“You’ve got an obsession – find a distraction to curb this.”

Sleep abandoned and with patience weakened,
STOP IT! I hollered at the mirror’s reflection.
It must be safer to vacillate between two addictions,
Than to find another fascination to cure an obsession!

“Now you’re THINKING; enough of decadence!
You’re tired and tortured and speak with no relevance!”
This time the Mind yelled with no sympathy.
“Find the root cause, stop the Heart’s idiocy!”

The Heart commits many crimes; perhaps even sins.
The Mind, its warden, shall have to reign it in.

What brought up this post:
When I first realised how I was obsessed with reading a particular History book, I decided to turn my attention to a TV programme. But that TV programme soon became my new preoccupation; so I talked myself into finding a distraction; i.e. back to reading the book! And there I went down the spiral of being stuck within the pages for hours versus being stuck in front of a screen. What in the world!

The question hence lies here:
Have you tried to alternate between two obsessions hoping that one could cure another, only to realise that you were equally deep in the pool on both ends?


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