Story: The Name

“Someone told me about you just awhile ago,” she said. It was a casual enough remark for him to dismiss with a smile. Which he did. Until the lady raked her memory and spurted, “Now I remember who it was! It was … … ”

The rest came to him like a never-ending whirr. He heard the name, and was certain he had given the stupidest response that his mind chose not to register. His ears rejected further information, but his heart longed to know more. His mind raced, questions slipping from his lips uncontrollably.

For a moment while he stood rooted in the room, every voice became white noise, and every person that brushed past him merely part of some cluttered wallpaper’s design.

Oh, that name, that name. It was … it was … he simply couldn’t say it.

4 thoughts on “Story: The Name

  1. The search for meaningful phrases for a compact story isn’t an easy one, is it? There’s a 100 words challenge kicking about somewhere. Have you seen it? You might enjoy giving that a go. 🙂 Hope your week is less dismal than it is here but I’m planning my escape for later today.

    • I think I’ve seen that one, but I simply cannot keep up with it! It’s been a luxury coming back online and I can only hope I don’t slip away from the online space as work takes over again…

      • Ah, I have diverse roles at work, part of which requires me to write and capture visuals – but nothing of the sort I get to do on a blog. Let’s say this is a great way to de-stress and a great hideout for a recluse 🙂

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