Caves in Perth, Australia

A short break brought me to a set of caves within the Margaret River region. I cannot be sure what fascinates me more, the shadows in the dancing darkness, or the flickering lights that bounce of the stalactites.

The region has several caves, of which I chose to take a walk at the Mammoth Cave – a self-guided trip into the unknown – but still safe, nonetheless.


The beauty of the Mammoth Cave lies in the amount of knowledge you can pick up – from the evolution of geographical spaces, to the extinction of megafauna that were far superior than what we see today.

I took a turn to another cave nearby, the Lake Cave, and was intrigued to learn the impact of human touch on the formations (I won’t spoil the fun for you – head to Perth and find out on your own!)

To get to the bottom of Lake Caves, you’ve got to take a challenging 350 steps in, and as you look up, don’t be surprised by the little white cob webs that cling to the surface of the rocks. I can only rave about the beauty of the lake caves – the sound of water trickling and echoing in the depths, forming new shapes and wonders of the world.

There’s a good other few caves you can visit, such as the Ngilgi Cave set in the bushes, and the highly-promoted (which was perhaps why I chose to skip it) Jewel Cave.

Either ways, the silence in the caves were a great way for me to relax and think about life.

10 thoughts on “Caves in Perth, Australia

    • Oh yes, I’d stopped by quite a few wineries and even some beer breweries there. Now that you mention it, I really should put up a photo or two about them… they’ve got great food at some, and even better wines at others 🙂

  1. This post reminded me of something…and had to share. You mentioned filming a tv series? Well, up north of Grey county, near Collingwood, they filmed the movie Quest for Fire. There are caves all up and around that area of Georgian Bay (part of the Great lakes). AND….btw….I visited Australia back in my early Neolithic (em..30 years ago)…went to Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Canberra. 🙂 LOVE, felt very very connected. Didn’t feel that way again until just recently, actually. I afterwards studied everything I could on Aborigines, everything I could find.

  2. I’m not keen on being underground but I did love the rock formations on Gibraltar. Probably the distraction of the pretty coloured lights. Amazing structures! 🙂

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