Story: Stupid Remarks

A bitter knot lodged itself at an undefinable spot of her throat. It wasn’t far down enough for her to swallow it, yet not high up enough for her to expel it. Heat emitted from her skin and ripped at the edges of her collar, just where it rested on her nape.

She felt inadequate; uncomfortable; almost mad with scalding tears that boiled under her gentle smile. Something he had said had left her seething, but she could not tell what it was. He had offered to help her with some difficult situations, which she was grateful for, and he had decided to take on some unconventional methods in order to ensure that her problem was solved without hassle. She was certain, at that point, that nothing could hide the unceasing admiration that flashed across her face in the form of an adoring grin.

“I’ve been trying to call someone there. This gives me the perfect excuse,” he announced coolly.

That was when the unnamed feeling took possession of her soul. She saw the curious glances and vexatious smirks on the faces around them. His frivolity and their conspicuous winks bespoke a tale she thought she was not unfamiliar with. She had supposed it had to do with his staggering charm and the women that fell within his arms in the past years. It was less a matter of who, than how many this time. She was unwilling to be just “one of those” that made up his list.

Nothing could appease her. Not unless she could be assured that his declaration was merely a stupid remark to throw off the crowd; to hide his inexplicable feelings toward her – an emotion of vague novelty, longing, and apprehension. Not unless she could ever be told that this time, he too experienced an affection he had never before – and that unlike the past, he had absolutely no intention for her to be just another notch on his bedpost.

Too bad; too bad for stupid remarks.

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