So many whys

Behind a cold, distant front, was a woman who was emotionally-fragile.
Behind the diffidence, was a lady with a dogged determination for independence.
Behind the reticent demeanour was her passionately beating heart.
And beneath all of these, was a broken past that she had never spoken about.

The complexities of her thoughts and the reasons for her decisions prove difficult for one to comprehend at the outset. She had given up much of herself to fulfil the dreams of those around her. She had struggled with emotional battles that few had even thought about. She had forgotten herself in the midst of giving. While it was a conscious choice she had made, I couldn’t help but wonder – Why?

During the rare occasion of her openness, heart-rending stories were revealed. Things that were never shared with those closest – because there was no need to brag;  much less any reason to justify. “They will know when they know.”

I was privileged to listen and feel, and be amazed.


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