No phone?

Do you remember those days when we would set an appointment with friends to meet at a specific time and place?

No. No-one remembers those days.

“What do you mean you won’t have a phone for a few days?”
“How in the world am I going to be able to find you later?”
“Which street, again?”
“What if I can’t make it at this time tomorrow?”

Do we wonder how we used to be able to remember days, dates, places, and directions so much better in the past?

More so – we were once more responsible.
We were more specific – we had to make sure we would see the ones we wished to see.
We were more organised – we planned our day and gave buffer for traveling and traffic.
We were more reliable – it wasn’t as easy as sending a text when we wanted to cancel appointments.

It wasn’t going offline that mattered. It was what the phone and laptops held that mattered. I did not suffer from phone separation technology, though I did get a good lashing from many for going off the grid. But really, how long can we remain offline?
Ah, the dangers of technology…

4 thoughts on “No phone?

  1. You said, “how long can (one) remain offline”….. how about 14 years? Other than weekly and more often semi-monthly drives to town, (130 miles round trip), I lived with no access to electricity, running water, TV and yes phone service. So it is indeed doable and now that I have moved to ‘civilization’ I have now come to realize much less stressful. I think everyone today should spend a few weeks off-grid so they can appreciate the modern conveniences we have today.

  2. We’re all too dependent on it now – if something happened to our technology, half the western world wouldn’t know what to do with themselves. It’s pretty scary…

  3. They even have Apps now which tell you the exact location of your friends so you know exactly what is going on. I do remember the days when you could set off in a car during work hours and know you had a couple of hours without anyone interfering with your thoughts. Paradise lost!

    • Aha! And now on a drive, you get the voice of GPS talking to you. Funny how life seemed so much simpler in the past, though technology is supposed to make it more convenient, and easier. It’s getting harder to get some alone time to think (and write), unfortunately.

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