Story: A world of her own

She lived in a world of her own; a world that existed only in her head.
A world where she could see beautiful faces and kind souls; where love existed even when it seemed impossible. Where she felt warmth, and support, and everything nice she had never had. Where she could go places and feel hope. Where she could experience new things with those that mattered and know that she too, meant the world to someone else. Where no-one judged; where she could be who she wanted to be.
Where for the first time in ages, she could be happy.

But this world had a different face.
It was filled with fear. She saw things she wasn’t sure had happened; but she suspected it would have. It was likely to have happened in reality…
It was filled with sadness. She saw the things that would become of her; though she wasn’t sure, it seemed just like what she had predicted of her future…
It was a place that she saw her downfall; a place that she recognised pain and tasted tears and knew that she was just as worthless as reality had shown her to be.

“It would kill you,” a voice told her. But it wasn’t going to help.
She didn’t want to be in this world, but she didn’t want to give up the good parts of it.

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