Point Nepean National Park

The best part of my trip was up at Portsea, Point Nepean National Park, located at the tip of the Mornington Peninsula. History junkie as I am, exploring Fort Nepean’s history was an unforgettable experience – there was so much to find out about the fort – it’s tunnels, cannons, disappearance of Prime Minister Harold Holt, and simply to take in the panoramic views of the Rip and Port Philip Bay.

I arrived at the Information Centre just in time to hop on to the bus up to Fort Nepean, where numerous fortifications dating back to 1880s stood. Once I got off the bus and up a flight of steps I some stunning sights.

A strategic location for a fort, indeed. Two Mark VII guns sat at the Parade Grounds – the only two guns that had fired shots at Port Philip’s defences. I made my way towards the ruins of the Engine Room, which held short descriptions of the history of the barracks, embankments and some posters about unique characters that once served at the Fort.

Despite a sudden downpour that made the trip up the slippery steps a little tougher than usual, I found my way to the Battery Observation Post, which held the Depression Range Finder (equipment used to find the range and bearing of enemy ships). Fully absorbed in the little write-ups, the rain soon stopped.

I made my way back towards the underground tunnels and was halted in my tracks when I heard a strange eerie whistling. I didn’t quite dare to enter the dark narrow walkways until I realised that the whistling was none other than a sound recording that tells a tale! Oh my!

There’s so much more to see at the Fort I couldn’t cover all of it here. For the history or the scenic views, I’ll recommend a personal visit when you next go to Melbourne!

seaside towns: Mornington Peninsula

Leaving the bustling city life and entering the coastal towns at Mornington Peninsula, I decided to take a horse-ride through the countryside!

So much for exercising, I stopped at Sorrento village right after to indulge in the local culinary delights! Sorrento is lined with limestone buildings that are bursting with art, culture and gourmet food. I stopped by Hotel Sorrento for lunch and I must say it offers a great combination of very tasty food and best sea views around! Sit back and relax to enjoy the wines of the region, then take a short walk off towards the port!

If you’re at Mornington Peninsula on a weekend, I would suggest to drop by Red Hill Cheese, an artisan cheesery that offers home cheese-making workshops – only for the serious cheese-lovers.

That’s not all I did at Mornington … check out the next post! đŸ™‚