Hong Kong II: exploring Diamond Hill

As mentioned in the earlier post about re-visiting Hong Kong, I decided to take pictures even as I walked through a public garden at Diamond Hill. This is the Nan Lian Garden, which could be translated with severe lack of sophistication as “Lotus” Garden.

The Nan Lian Garden, built with the influence of Tang Dynasty architecture, sits amidst high-rise buildings and the mountain ranges at Diamond Hill. This park has strict rules against photo-taking, i.e. no wedding / graduation shots allowed and peace has to be maintained within. Walking into the Nan Lian Garden felt like I entering the past – traditional Chinese culture was prevalent, from the potted plants, rocks, to timber pavilions  The garden was decorated with little road signs that seemed to appear only in ancient China, and a soothing Chinese music pervaded the place.

Crossing over a stone bridge, one will arrive at the Chi Lin Nunnery, a large Buddhist building complex built entirely of wood and without nails! This is again attributed to Tang Dynasty architectural methods and strongly contrasts with the modern developments of Hong Kong. Show a lot of respect and take your time to learn about the history as you make your way around the temple complex.

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Both places are well worth the visit, even if just to admire traditional architecture in a modern city! And if you want to get there, take the ever-reliable trains of Hong Kong!