Snoopy’s World

Are you a fan of Snoopy and Charlie Brown?

Here’s an activity for the non-tourists, who prefer to take a different route from your travel guidebook. On my way back to the Sha Tin train station from the Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery, I chanced upon this:IMG_0708

I walked around the pillars and found the entrance to what was known as ‘Snoopy’s World’.IMG_0746

It’s free of charge, and there really isn’t much to do unless you have children. There isn’t much I can tell you, except that it’s connected to the New Town Plaza shopping mall. Snoopy World isn’t crowded – again, it isn’t a touristy area. Drop by at least, just to take a few pictures of these familiar characters! IMG_0727

Ten Thousand Budhha Monastery in Hong Kong

On a recent trip to various countries, I had a short stopover at Hong Kong. It was a familiar city to be in, and I really wasn’t a tourist anymore.

I chanced upon the Ten Thousand Buddha Monastery located in Sha Tin in the New Territories. This temple overlooks Sha Tin and gives a beautiful view of Hong Kong’s village areas. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This Buddhist complex comprises of 5 temples and a beautiful pagoda. It’s a long walk up, and the 431-steps route is lined with thousands of Buddhist statues (hence the name). The pagoda is accessible by a spiral staircase. Inside, you will find gold statues at each of the windows over-looking the temple compound. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

You will also find in the main temple, over ten thousands miniature golden Buddha statues lining the inner walls. However, respecting the compound’s rules, I am unable to share any photos. I could however say – do visit when you can!

The higher you get to, the more elaborate the statues. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you keep walking past the main hall, you will find another pathway that takes your journey further up the bamboo-lined hillside. The upper terrace houses a huge Kwan Yin statue before a waterfall, and many statues lining a bridge around a pond. The Jade Emperor Hall is also situated at the upper terrace (This was also where I’d met the man on a journey.) Once again, I am unable to share these photos, but would strongly encourage you to visit if you have a chance. To get to this magnificent temple, take the most convenient transport in Hong Kong – the MTR. Head towards the Sha Tin station and walk towards Exit B. Keep walking towards the Home Centre Shopping centre, and you’ll find the start of the walk on the left of a little street. I guess it hasn’t been a popular location for tourists because of its religious nature and the fact that it isn’t exactly easily accessible. Nonetheless, I ask – do we procrastinate and wait, or do we seize the opportunity to see these amazing things around the world?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA