Montmartre, Paris and the Eiffel Tower

Having a little more time than I’d expected after completing the necessary, I took a quick bus trip down to Montmartre. It didn’t seem to look quite like what I’d remembered it to be.

The market place had changed to include a huge pavilion and some food establishments. I didn’t like the idea; but I still appreciated the beautiful artwork that the artists displayed.

Of course, when at Montmartre, how could you miss the Basilica of Sacré Cœur in remembrance of the French victims in the 1871 Franco-Prussian War. I took a walk inside, and the interior was unquestionably magnificent. However, as with every church and cathedral in Europe, watch your belongings as you enter/exit.IMG_0474
The view back was as stunning as you could imagine. IMG_0469
I wish I had taken more photos, but even without, I’m sure you will consider taking a trip down next time! 

To end of my day, it was instinctive to find somewhere to enjoy the romantic views of Paris. I ended up in Maison Blanche on Avenue Montaigne. The food was alright, but the interior wasn’t impressive. Plain, to say the least. I’ve heard many complain about slow service. But when in France, take your dinners like they would! Slow down, enjoy, and chat with your companion! If you’re on a date, I guess this would work out fine. Unfortunately, the view to the Eiffel Tower was only available if you were seated outdoors, and this was only possible in the warmer seasons of the year. Do remember to make reservations if you wish to go!

<<I had to remove the image of the Eiffel Tower because I heard that it is now illegal to put up pictures of the Eiffel Tower’s night view!>>

short stop in Paris

When I stopped briefly in Paris a few weeks ago, I stayed in the ever-convenient St Germain’s area. Having nothing planned for the day of arrival, I took my sandwiches and drinks to the second largest public park in Paris – the Jardin du Luxembourg. The park has a palace and the Medici Fountain, both of which exhibit strong Italian influence. I later learnt that Marie de Medicis had built the palace in imitation of that in Florence. IMG_0443

It’s a beautiful place to read a book and relax before the start of a week’s work. There are plenty of chairs for you to pull around and pick your favourite spot to rest. Not necessarily a tourist area, but definitely a great place to visit!