Photo: Leaving a Mark


“We’re leaving a mark on your platform wherever we go; because that’s exactly what you did to our ocean.”

I imagine that’s what nature would say to us as Man leaves footprints in all forms – sometimes tentative, other times so permanent that damage is caused – across the world.

Photo: Will you please…


Spotted scarf around the neck, with manicured feet and a polished beak.
A head-turner, definitely.
“But Man, will you please, just leave me alone?
Don’t push me over the edge.”
I was on a walk when I started following this spotted dove for a short distance. It suddenly occurred to me that I was being an annoyance, pestering the bird. I took a picture and left it alone. As it happened, when I returned to the computer, I saw a timely post at Le Drake Noir, here. Seems like we’ve all been guessing what animals are thinking!