what’s winter like out there?

As usual I was reading about holiday venues and thinking about the invisible winter where I stay …

Browsing at 7 Romantic Places to Embrace the ColdĀ at my usual favorite site, I saw:

1. Quebec Winter Carnival. How nice it’ll be to have a snow-lined street lit with festive lights and a beer or two. Maybe with hot chocolate and shortbread. Christmas trees decorated with silver baubles and a wonderful mountain view that welcomes you every morning for a wake-up ski. Ok maybe I’m asking for too much.

2. Malt Whisky Trail, Scotland. This is interesting and I’ve never seen this ever! A themed-travel following the whisky trail, and learning from the site above-quoted, whisky has medicinal values? Well done.

3. Reindeer Safari, Scandinavia. Lovely, but scary, but still a place I’ll love to visit. An adventurous ride across a snowy landscape in anticipation of wild winder animals? Just thinking of it makes me want to pack my ski-gear and head off to Scandinavia right away! I see the mention of my ever-wished-for Ice Hotel in the article and it brings back memories of why we should never wait – because sometimes waiting only suggest a lost of opportunities to go with your loved ones. I have lost this chance, so please whoever out there reads this, don’t procrastinate.

4. Christkindlmarkt, Germany. Ok this isn’t so much of winter, more of a festive mood, hot wines, fresh-baked gingerbreads and great bratswurst. So the glutton in me emerges and wishes for a hearty Christmas meal in the middle of November … A little too early but a great thought to balance off the daily toil that has made life so miserable.

I guess I’m back to dreaming about a wonderful holiday break while work continues to pile and troubles bubble endlessly in the mind…