You really don’t know how much you don’t know, until you travel around the world. Let’s not say travel across countries – maybe even stepping out of your house! Right, so we do actually come out from our houses every morning and set off to work, but this still doesn’t equate to travelling. How many of you noticed the people on that very bus you take to work? Have you been too absorbed in your iPods and iPads? How many of you paid attention to the aroma that was wafting over while you were absorbed in your social networking sites?

Get out of that! Travel, read and write! There is knowledge everywhere in the world – you don’t get to learn everything from the limited time you spent at school, and definitely less if you choose to imprison yourself in work! Find out what you’re missing out on – observe, listen and absorb! It’s the things and people you pay attention to that enriches your knowledge of the world – without which, prepare yourself for a daily toil that saps away all your energy before you know it…

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3 thoughts on “Travels

  1. I so agree. Watching travel videos on Youtube is just not the same, get out there and see the world. No pictures could ever do justice above the real thing.
    As for the rest, I REALLY do notice people, as I am a empath. But you dont need to be one to notice people on a everyday basis, unfortunately people tend to be really insular on those morning trains to work.

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