A history buff, unrepentant foodie, casual scribbler and a wandering traveller in search of great culture and freedom.

I see value in exploring foreign countries, not for the typical “shopping sprees”, but to live like a local and learn their lifestyles – do not ask for the luxurious style, instead, experience the traditional. When in Russia, drink vodka, consume the shaslik and visit every museum and historical site you can imagine. Take on an adventurous evening in the mysterious country on overnight trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg! When in the Netherlands, pop some stroopwafels and dip your Fries in Mayo in typical Orange fashion, stop by the Rijksmuseum and visit the Dutch Kermis! You get the gist of it.

Often in need of intellectual stimulation and having a strong desire to express opinion, I have decided to set up this little blogging area to share my cynical `thoughts.
I hold a strong belief that life is impoverished if one is ignorant of culture, history and great food.

Thanks for dropping by!

The Rustic Recluse

38 thoughts on “About

  1. I so agree. Have travelled extensivelly through the years but never down the ‘touristy road’.
    Always by the road less travelled.

    • No problem – I like your write-up on what coffee does to people 🙂 While I write at my work too, I don’t get the luxury of writing at a cafe (which I would have preferred to!)
      Keep writing, happy to read your posts – somehow they inspire me to work towards my goals!

  2. Like you I’m a bit of a history buff and I wish I could travel a lot more than I do. You have some great photos here and I like your point of view.

  3. Like you I’m a bit of a history buff and I wish I could travel more than I do. You’ve got some great photos here and I like your point of view.

  4. I have a convention to attend in Amsterdam in several months, and I cannot wait to try freshly made stroopwapfels…I’ve only had the ones “pre-made” whenever I have a connecting flight at the Amsterdam airport. The mention of stroopwafels in your “About” page made my mouth water in anticipation!

  5. Ahh, the finer things in life… food, travel, culture, history (which I actually enjoy but never could remember any of the details in school.) I’m on board! Looking forward to reading more.

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  7. By chance I found you today – what a pleasure and joy in a month which is a bit emotional to me. I absolutely loved your 2 shortsorys, “when I am old…” and ‘the steps’. You are a wonderful writer and observer of life. Thank you for coming my way. I follow you now – dont want to miss out on your future postings. (from the history point of view, maybe you like to check my husbands own blog http://www.manningtreearchive.com), Ciao Carina

  8. Agree with you on your style of travel – where the crowds aren’t is where I prefer to be – the small towns, the back roads – local trains, subway, commuter buses – we’ve been fortunate enough to take several driving holidays in Europe and there is so much more freedom and the memories I hold dearest are of those places we discovered on our own.

    • I’m so sorry I only saw and approved this now Lynne! Thanks for coming by – and absolutely – holidays in Europe and Australia/New Zealand are quite leisurely as long as you get to drive. It’s always fun to explore and discover rather than follow the fixed itineraries from tour groups. You kinda wake up and do anything you wish to after checking the weather! 🙂

  9. Nice blog you have here. Love the pictures, the stories and the poems ~~ You’re very versatile and talented. Looking forward to read more from you….

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