Photo: Snippet of Life


You see, most of life is a blur at first. Then comes the obstacles – rocky, challenging, numerous. But as we keep going, they seem to get a little more manageable. They didn’t lessen; they merely become less important. Even the barriers put in place cannot stop us from flowing through.

At the end? At the end we finish off as ashes in the sea, mixed within the rocks that line the shore.

Photo: Will you please…


Spotted scarf around the neck, with manicured feet and a polished beak.
A head-turner, definitely.
“But Man, will you please, just leave me alone?
Don’t push me over the edge.”
I was on a walk when I started following this spotted dove for a short distance. It suddenly occurred to me that I was being an annoyance, pestering the bird. I took a picture and left it alone. As it happened, when I returned to the computer, I saw a timely post at Le Drake Noir, here. Seems like we’ve all been guessing what animals are thinking!