Story: Two Coffees (Part 4 of ‘Phone Call’)

He winced when the barista called her name. Standing just a person after her, he watched as she collected her order for two coffees. Two coffees. Again.

Five weeks ago, she had texted out of curiosity.
Four weeks ago, she had attempted to call out of desperation.
Three weeks ago, she had expressed what seemed like annoyance.
Two weeks ago – Two coffees. Two sandwiches. Two salads.

He scoffed at his frustration.
Five weeks ago, he found out her little ploy to identify him. He had kept his phone in the drawer for most parts of the day, battling the temptation to answer.
Four weeks ago, he recognised her impatience when she started calling. He was determined to leave the forty miss calls as they were. Surely, she could find other means to seek out the number’s owner, if she had cared enough to do so.
Three weeks ago, she had texted.
Is this how it’s going to be? We’ll go by your rules then.”
Two weeks ago, there was silence. He was certain that she had given up.

She was getting breakfast for someone else. He was positive he would punch the recipient in the face, because he would never have put her through the trouble of waiting in line every morning. Or to have her dispose of the packaging in the evenings. Which loser in this building was she seeing?

This is Part 4 of a story about two strangers (of which one is a tough nut to crack)
Part 1 is here and the rest are linked up at the end of each post.


4 thoughts on “Story: Two Coffees (Part 4 of ‘Phone Call’)

  1. Dang it! You gonna make me read the whole thing from the start. I’ll put a hold on this one. Will read later. 😀 All I can say for now is how genorous for a woman to get a breakfast for someone else. 😀

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